Glass’s provides more accuracy for Bodykraft

Case Study: Glass’s provides more accuracy for Bodykraft

Back in July Glass’s worked with us to improve performance regarding our valuations services. Here’s what they had to say over on the Glass’s website about it!


Glass’s, leading provider of data and intelligence to the automotive industry, has been working with Bodykraft Group to deliver a complete valuations service that has improved business performance for the West Midlands based accident repair company.

Mike Pugh, Managing Director for Bodykraft, explains: “In an industry where the write-off vs repair debate is ever increasing, it’s never been more important for repairers to have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding a specific vehicle. This is the challenge that Glass’s has helped Bodykraft to overcome.”

Using GlassNet and GlassMatix, Glass’s valuations tool and vehicle damage assessment solution, the company has delivered a complete service to Bodykraft, giving real-time access to valuations and repair estimations, allowing the company to make instant and informed decisions on the repairability of vehicles.

Mike continues: “By offering a complete service to our private, fleet and insurance customers, we have removed the need to carry out further research and this makes Bodykraft a one-stop shop for all repair needs. It also puts us in a much stronger position to understand the impact of our actions set against the tight operating conditions of the market, giving us a real competitive edge. Through our work with Glass’s, we have measurably improved accuracy and most importantly, customer experience.

“We are operating in difficult economic times, where every small amount saved makes a real difference. With the Glass’s solution in place, we are more efficient, we offer a much improved service and we are seeing the benefits through improved profitability.

David Punter, Key Account Manager at Glass’s, said: “Bodykraft is a forward thinking business, whose main focus is on providing quality services to customers, which is why it is such a good match for Glass’s.

“Utilising our service approach has meant Bodykraft can have accurate insight in to car values. It also gives us a unique opportunity to work with the repair community to change the market by cutting operational costs while still dealing with a market force that can deliver multiple aspects of the repair business.”

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Source: Glass’s website

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