Do You Get Distracted While Driving?

Distracted DrivingThere are a lot of distractions in life, let’s face it. Distractions while driving are common and can be dangerous, the thing is how many of us are actually guilty of creating our own distractions??


Sometimes you can’t help but be distracted by something while motoring along but sometimes – if we admit it – we can cause our own potentially dangerous distractions.


Here’s a list of a few distractions, have any you can add? Tweet us @BodyKraftGroup and let us know! #DrivingDistractions

  • Phone calls;
  • Sat navs;
  • Texting;
  • Adjusting make up or hair;
  • Shaving;
  • Loud music;
  • Watching things pass us by – people, places etc;
  • Billboard adverts;
  • Reading;
  • Eating/drinking;
  • Talking;
  • Other passengers;
  • Ahem… smooching!
  • Looking for cds;
  • Fiddling with controls – radio, air con, sat nav etc;
  • Shopping rolling round the car(!);
  • Kids!!;
  • Sending/reading emails;
  • Social media updates!;
  • Looking at shops/buildings and not the road;
  • Danglies from the rear view mirror;
  • Shouting at other drivers;
  • Uncomfy clothes/shoes;
  • Looking for sunglasses;
  • Weather;
  • Watching videos while driving;
  • Bunting! – Thanks to  for letting us know that due to complaints, a car sales garage in Devon had to have their bunting taken down due to it being a distraction!


Try to avoid these distractions and drive safely!

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